Once upon a time…

in Domažlice, a town first mentioned back in the reign of King John the Blind of Luxembourg, there were countless pubs, inns and cellars. Among the most famous since the Jagiellonian era was the Inn at Meluzína, which has always stood in a street next to the flume that supplied the city moats with water and turned the local millwheels.

The Inn was named after a beautiful woman with raven hair and a remarkable voice, who attracted merchants and craftsmen from far and wide, and knights and lords from the neighbouring castles and fortresses to the venue. Here, they spared not their purses, and traded the contents for tasty food duly washed down with wine, beer and meade from the Inn’s cellars. These drunken parties often broke out into duels and brawls, but the vigorous innkeeper always brought them to order. The Inn flourished, but envious neighbours often complained about its noisy patrons and the rough language of the proprietress. Some even claimed she was a witch, who entranced her guests with magical food and influenced their minds various potions. But the happy patrons always unanimously stood up for the beautiful innkeeper.

We never managed to discover what happened to the Inn at Meluzína. It suffered several fires and frequently changed hands and purposes. Local legend says that the restless soul of the former proprietress guards its treasures and ancient recipes to this day. From time to time, some even hear her stringent wailing in the inn’s fireplace.


The Historical Inn at Meluzína offers a wide range of delicacies prepared by our executive chef using only the freshest seasonal ingredients, often hand-picked in the surrounding forests and meadows. The menu changes regularly according to season, to offer you the best of local ingredients including game and unique local herbs, spices and fruits. Among the specialities regularly featured on the menu are:

* Hearty soups such as cabbage and sausage soup, wild mushroom soup
and traditional garlic soup

* Smoked pork ribs, Chodsko cutlet, sirloin steak with mushrooms

* Venison goulash, quail with chestnut stuffing, game tournedos with rowan-berry or rosehip sauce,
assorted home-made dumplings and our special house bread

* Home-made desserts with local fruits, sweet Mrákov dumplings
with poppy seeds and plum preserves

We will readily prepare roasted goose, duck, rabbit, fondue, steak tartare and other delicacies based on advance order (at least 2 days ahead).

There is always crisp, cold Pilsner Urquell on tap, along with a changing speciality craft beer, and you can warm your body and soul with excellent honeyed brandy made exclusively for Meluzína, as well as home-made meade, a wide selection of other spirits and soft drinks.

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Advance bookings are recommended for the weekend. Closed on Mondays.